Why Partner With Nüvacalm

Why Partner With Nüvacalm

o sign up for the Nüvacalm CBD affiliate program, we require our affiliates to follow a couple of rules.

Medical Claims

We understand that you are passionate about sharing the benefits of CBD with your audience. However, we do not allow medical claims on any of our affiliate content. This is because the FDA has not approved CBD for any medical condition. If you make medical claims about CBD on your affiliate content, you will be given a warning. If you make medical claims again, you may be suspended or permanently banned from our affiliate program.

Coupon Sites

The Nüvacalm Affiliate Program does not allow coupon sites to participate in our affiliate program. This is because coupon sites often post fake or unauthorized coupons that can mislead consumers. This means that you cannot promote Nüvacalm products on coupon sites. However, you can still promote Nüvacalm products on your own website or social media channels.

You can mention coupons or other offers on your review pages for our products, as long as the landing page is not specifically made to promote fraudulent coupons. The coupon or offer must be legitimate and authorized by Nüvacalm, clearly disclosed to the customer, and not the primary focus of the landing page. We ask that all affiliates in our affiliate program follow these rules.

We look forward to you joining our team!

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